“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actor Kang Tae Oh Has The Best Reaction To TikTok Revealing The K-Pop Company He Should Belong To

HYBE? SM? JYP? YG? Which company do you think he got?

One of the hottest K-Drama of 2022 so far has to be Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Although the series has just finished, netizens couldn’t get enough of the series following Woo Young Woo, played by Park Eun Bin, as Korea’s first autistic attorney, and her love interest Lee Jun Ho, played by Kang Tae Oh.

Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh | The Swoon/YouTube 

The cast of the show saw their fame skyrocket with the series, and none so more than Kang Tae Oh. Despite nearly a decade as an actor, his role as the loveable Lee Jun Ho captured netizens’ hearts.

| @kto940620/Instagram
| @kto940620/Instagram

However, although everyone knows him as this amazing actor, it shocked a lot of people when they found out that Kang Tae Oh actually first debuted as part of an idol group.

Back in 2013, Kang Tae Oh first made a name for himself when his agency Fantagio Entertainment debuted the first actor group called 5urprise.

The members of 5urprise | Fantagio

Although the name might not click immediately, the members definitely will as, along with Kang Tae Oh, the group had the likes of Yoo IlSeo Kang JoonGong Myung, and Lee Tae Hwan, all famous and popular actors in their own rights.

They weren’t just a group of pretty faces as not only did the group act in their own series After School: Lucky or Not, which featured other K-Pop idols…

But they released several songs and music videos in both Korean and Japanese. They were the real deal, and netizens can’t help but feel nostalgic about it.


Recently, Kang Tae Oh opened his own TikTok account and already sent the internet into meltdown with his adorable posts… giving netizens their fix after Extraordinary Attorney Woo finished.


Since opening his account, he’s been doing some of the hottest trends. One that has recently gained attention is the filter where you can see which K-Pop agency you would be part of. iKON‘s Song was one of the first stars to do it and went viral after his hilarious reaction to being put in SM Entertainment.

Well, Kang Tae Oh was next and seemed genuinely intrigued to find out where he was going, considering that his agency Fantagio wasn’t on the list.

Finally, after going through the four big companies, Kang Tae Oh finally landed on HYBE and it suddenly made sense why the BGM (background music) for the video was none other than HYBE group BTS‘s track “Dynamite.”

Kang Tae Oh seemed extremely happy about the results and couldn’t hide his smile after seeing that he belonged in HYBE. His caption even said, “Oh?!?! Haha. See you tomorrow.”

Even netizens in the comments couldn’t hide their excitement and joked that Kang Tae Oh was the mysterious eighth member of BTS that the members were always talking about.



It isn’t even the first time netizens have linked Kang Tae Oh with BTS. It was previously revealed that Kang Tae Oh attended Konkuk University, home to celebrities like TWICE‘s Nayeon, Song Kang, SHINee‘s Minho, and of course, BTS’s Jin.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

During an episode of Extraordinary You, netizens even thought Kang Tae Oh channeled his inner V when they noticed him to the iconic “TATA Mic” face.

| @randomvante/Twitter 

Although Kang Tae Oh probably won’t be joining BTS any time soon, it’s another example of the worlds of K-Drama and K-Pop coming together. With his visuals and talent, Kang Tae Oh could easily make a comeback in K-Pop but we might have to wait as the actor is set to start his enlistment later in the year.

You can read more about Kang Tae Oh’s love of HYBE artists below.

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