“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Joo Jung Hyuk’s Reaction To BTS Doing The Woo Young Woo Greeting Is Hilariously Relatable

404 error, the soul has left the body.

Recently, the second leads of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Joo Jung Hyuk and Ha Yun Kyung appeared in an interview together on the show Nuguseyo? (translated as “who are you?”) on Diggle YouTube channel.

(from left to right) MC NANA, Joo Jung Hyuk, and Ha Yun Kyung

The cute chemistry between the two came out while they talked about their first impressions of each other and recreated the iconic Pengsoo performance scene from the drama.

During a segment, the host showed the pair some popular memes and posts about “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” circulating on the internet. That’s when a picture of BTS‘s Jimin and RM doing the popular Woo-to-the-Young-to-the-Woo greeting came up on screen.

While Joo Jung Hyuk was recovering from the previously shown meme, BTS’s picture completely threw him off the rails. His expression swiftly changed into bewilderment, trying to figure out what is happening. Once the host explained the context behind the picture, both the actors could be heard exclaiming loudly.

On-screen, he might be the tactician we all loved to hate, but in real life, Joo Jung Hyuk is just like any of us- soul yeeted out of his body at the sight of BTS’s acknowledgment.

You can watch the full interview here:

Extraordinary Attorney Woo