“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Kang Tae Oh Goes Viral With His Visuals And Charm After Throwing The First Pitch At A Baseball Game

He also had the cutest reaction to an inflatable whale!

It seems like a month doesn’t go by without a new K-Drama stealing the hearts of fans. The most recent is Extraordinary Attorney Woo where Park Eun Bin plays Woo Young Woo, the first autistic attorney in Korea.

Aside from Park Eun Bin, one person that has stolen the hearts of netizens is actor Kang Tae Oh, who plays Woo Young Woo’s love interest Lee Jun Ho.

Kang Tae Oh as Lee Jun Ho | Netflix

While many of those around Woo Young Woo treated her differently, his warmth and love for her developed.

With the rising popularity of the show, Kang Tae Oh’s popularity has also soared due to his acting, visuals, and personality.

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In particular, he is so popular that he was chosen to throw the first pitch at a baseball game.

Even before entering the venue, crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of K-Drama’s newest “Golden Boy.” With his charming visuals and beautiful smile, it isn’t surprising that netizens are obsessed.

When it was finally time to throw the pitch, Kang Tae Oh’s personality and charm shined as he threw the ball with the cutest smile on his face.

| @loveyunhwan/Twitter 

Even when he finished, his charm seemed irresistible as he took off his hat and truly showcased his visuals.

In particular, media pictures from the event showcases just how charismatic Kang Tae Oh is, and the fact that his visuals are definitely swoon-worthy sent the internet into meltdown.

If his visuals weren’t enough, one moment captured on camera had netizens’ hearts melting left, right, and center.

In Extraordinary Attorney Woo, one of the most significant parts of the show is Woo Young Woo’s love for whales. From the very start, she has an intense love for the animal, and they will appear on the screen if she has an idea or feels calm.

Before Kang Tae Oh had his time to shine in front of the crowds, the camera showed an adorable whale balloon being flown in the middle of the pitch.

As soon as the camera swapped to Kang Tae Oh, he had the sweetest smile on his face as he saw the whale.

When the videos and photos were posted, netizens couldn’t get enough of the actor’s dazzling visuals and charming personality. Although he’s been around for almost ten years, Kang Tae Oh is truly capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

Although netizens are sad that Kang Tae Oh is set to enlist later in the year, many are glad that he’s finally got the recognition he deserves after so long. His visuals might be handsome AF, but Kang Tae Oh also has a charming and kind personality that seems very similar to Lee Jun Ho.

You can read more about Kang Tae Oh below.

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