All Eyes On Them: NMIXX’s New Loewe Dresses Are So Unique, Everyone Has An Opinion On Them

Sullyoon’s reaction is totally relatable!

As K-Pop idols who regularly wear fun and quirky stage outfits, JYP Entertainment girl group NMIXX is no stranger to unique fashion that non-celebrities never wear.

NMIXX | JYP Entertainment

However, in a recent photoshoot for luxury brand Loewe‘s SS23 precollection, even they pushed their boundaries further! The members wore strappy dresses that are completely unlike any other. Interestingly, each dress had the girls’ individual faces printed on them.

| Loewe

According to the brand, the custom-made dresses were constructed in technical duchesse satin with a computer generated face print. Some fans who saw the photoshoot joked that they are so beautiful, it wasn’t enough to have a “face card,” so they needed a “face dress.”

In contrast, other NSWERs weren’t as happy with the look. Several asked if it is edited, and many were confused and shocked.

When asked about the dresses, Sullyoon revealed that she was just as surprised as fans to see how big their faces were printed. She thought to herself, “Oh, this is new…

In no particular order, check out solo shots of the members in their face dresses below.

1. Sullyoon

| Loewe

2. Jiwoo

| Loewe

3. Bae

| Loewe

4. Kyujin

| Loewe

5. Lily

| Loewe

6. Jinni

| Loewe

7. Haewon

| Loewe
Source: Loewe


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