Fact Check: Did Rain Really Receive A Black Ocean And Get Booed At “KCON LA 2023?”

The crowd was mixed.

KCON LA 2023 just concluded, and one of the featured performers and emcees was none other than Rain (also known as Jung Jihoon), who has been active in the industry since 1998, leading an incredibly successful solo artist and acting career.

Rain is also the CEO of RAIN Company, playing a large part in the debut of Ciipher, the label’s first group. Fans of the group were disappointed when Rain was announced to join the KCON LA 2023 lineup, as he is often cited as the primary reason for the lack of promotion of the group following members’ participation in survival shows. Not only that, but four members of Ciipher — Tan, Tag, Dohwan, and Won — were recently announced to be leaving the group, while the three remaining members would continue their individual activities and “reorganize into a new team in the future.

Ciipher is not the only group K-Pop fans believe Rain is responsible for their ill fate. So, many proposed a “black ocean,” an organized protest in which attendees at an event turn off their lightsticks during an artist’s performance.

So, was this “black ocean” successful? Some attendees reported that Rain indeed received a black ocean…

Additionally, clips of attendees booing him while he was on stage have circulated. Yet, that’s not the entire story.


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According to KCON LA 2023 attendees, the crowd was mixed. Some booed, others barked, his fans cheered, and others who didn’t know him remained silent.

Likewise, the “black ocean” was not entirely successful for the same reasons. Many lightsticks remained on, thanks to his fans and attendees unaware of the organized protest.

Some attendees also played on their mobile phones or gave Rain the middle finger after turning off their lightsticks.

POV shots show that while Rain’s crowd was much darker than the other headliners’, many lights still shone. So, some do not consider it a successful black ocean and are disappointed by the lack of participation.

Considering Rain is a 1st Gen K-Pop idol, he also has likely been exposed to a true black ocean and didn’t think anything of a few lightsticks turned off at KCON LA 2023. 


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So, we can not say Rain received a true black ocean at KCON LA 2023. 

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