The Reasons Fans Across Multiple Generations Of K-Pop Have Beef With Rain

He actually launched another label before RAIN Company.

K-Pop solo artist Rain has had a successful career since his debut as a solo artist in the early 2000s. Since then, K-Pop fans of all ages have become familiar with the musician and businessman.

However, not all interested in K-Pop have a favorable opinion of Rain because of his actions over the years, which some believe affected their favorite groups.

Rain | @rain_oppa/Instagram

In 2007, Rain revealed that he left JYP Entertainment and formed his own company, J. Tune Entertainment, but kept in close contact with his mentor and JYPE founder J.Y. Park

In 2009, J. Tune founded J. Tune Camp, a music subsidiary that launched its first group, MBLAQ, the same year.


Rain played a direct part in creating the group, training them, and helping them through the promotions of their first releases.

The group saw a lot of popularity from their debut and were anticipated only to grow bigger. However, the year after their debut, a merger between J. Tune Entertainment and JYPE Entertainment occurred, with J. Tune Camp now functioning as an independent corporate body.

At the time, it was done for Rain to focus on his singing and acting activities before his upcoming military enlistment, which happened in 2011.

While it was assumed Rain would return to the company after his discharge, the star signed to a subsidiary of Cube Entertainment, something seen as “abandoning” MBLAQ and girl group Two X by fans. J. Tune Camp’s steady decline resulted in the departure of Two X and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Thunder in 2014.

Two X

By 2017, J. Tune Camp had dissolved entirely, relocating its only active group, MADTOWN (who debuted after Rain’s departure), to another company where they suffered even more mistreatment.

While many thought that would end Rain’s attempts at debuting K-Pop groups, they would be proven wrong in 2021 with the announcement of Ciipher’s upcoming debut under RAIN Company. Rain also handpicked the group members, even performing one of his songs with them before their debut.

Ciipher | RAIN Company

Ciipher released two albums in 2021, and one in 2022 before entering a hiatus period with no more releases. Members Keita and Hyunbin participated in survival programs, making it to the final episodes of Boys Planet and Fantasy Boys, respectfully.

Though many assumed this would result in more activities for the group or an announcement of a comeback, fans have waited in vain for updates.

Fans also cite a lack of content on any platform and updates on the status of Tag, who dropped out of Boys Planet before it aired, as proof of the continued mismanagement of Ciipher.

Ciipher’s YouTube has not been updated with new content for over nine months. | Ciipher/Youtube

Following Rain’s KCON announcement, fans were angered even more by what many call the solo artist’s abandonment of another group.

With MBLAQ debuting way back in K-Pop second generation, many wonder how Rain can continue debuting groups over time.