Fan Bingbing Appears At Airport, Chinese Netizens Suspect She Is In Contact with Government Officials

The hint lied in the car that she was seen getting into.

Fan Bingbing was spotted in public at the Beijing Capital International Airport on October 15th for the first time in more than three months.


The star was seen in dark attire, a white cap and dark glasses, keeping a low profile as she walked towards a black vehicle.


Numerous rumors surrounded Fan Bingbing such as rumors claiming she had died, disappeared or was kidnapped, but these recent photos finally proved that the rumors were false.


Although rumors of her death, disappearance or kidnapping proved to be false, another rumor about the Chinese actress has been spreading since her recent appearance. The problem lied in the type of car that she was seen getting into.


The license plate of the car had started with a “京A”, which according to Chinese netizens, are reserved for authorized vehicles only. As a result, the netizens suspected that Fan Bingbing was “in contact with upper government officials“.


Before being spotted at the Beijing airport, the Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui had claimed to have seen a sex tape of Fan Bingbing and Vice President Wang Qishan.

Rumors Claim Fan Bingbing Has A Sex Tape


Fan Bingbing had already filed a lawsuit against Wengui for spreading these rumors last year, but the lawsuit was withdrawn and nothing has been confirmed.


With recent photos of Fan Bingbing getting into a vehicle that is suspected of belonging to a government official, the alleged sex tape between the actress and Vice President Wang Qishan is being brought to light once again.


Meanwhile, Fan Bingbing was previously slapped with a $130 million USD fine for unpaid taxes and penalties, which she paid off within just two days. Although the issue relating to her tax evasion scandal has now been settled, rumors surrounding the nation’s highest-paid celebrity continue to be brought up.

Fan Bingbing Paid Off $130 Million Within Two Days

Source: TV Report