A Fan Of EXO’s Baekhyun Asked Him To Visit The Burger Joint She Works At — Here’s How He Reacted

It pays off to be Baekhyun’s fan.

Recently, a fan of EXO‘s Baekhyun tagged Baekhyun’s Twitter account and asked him to visit the burger joint she works at.

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Along with a photo of delicious-looking burgers, the fan promised him she would make his burgers with love if he happened to visit.

Baekhyun, there’s a burger joint in Bucheon called Jeilum. It’s at Bucheon City Hall Station and I work there… It’s really good. Come visit if you’re in Bucheon. I’ll make it deliciously for you.

— Baekhyun’s Fan

Much to many followers’ surprise, Baekhyun actually responded.

Jeilum Burger? What time do you work there?

— Baekhyun

So of course, the fan told him exactly when he can find her there.

I work every day from Monday to Saturday… Every day, Baekhyun… From 4 to 9…

— Baekhyun’s Fan

And Baekhyun made one final heart-fluttering response that has every fan on the edge of their seats.

I’ll visit you. Just you wait.

— Baekhyun

Netizens are posting explosive comments in response to the unimaginable interaction.

  • Apparently, this burger joint is overwhelmed with orders now.
  • Wow, Baekhyun is so cool.
  • Baekhyun apologized for overloading the burger joint.
  • This fan is so lucky.
  • Please update us after he visits.
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It sure pays off to be Baekhyun’s fan, doesn’t it?

Source: Dispatch