Fan Of Another Group Shares What Happened When She Met Brave Girls’ Yujeong At “Idol Star Athletics Championships”

“I wasn’t even an employee or a staff member there.”

In light of Brave Girls‘ return to the entertainment industry with their song, “Rollin'”, one netizen shared a story about when she met Yujeong at MBC‘s Idol Star Athletics Championships back in 2017 when she was actually the fan of another group.

| @braveg_yj/Instagram

It turns out that the netizen attended the event to cheer on another group, but when she stepped out to go to the washroom, she ran into someone unexpected.


According to the netizen, she was lost finding the washroom when she was approached by Brave Girls’ Yujeong.

| @braveg_yj/Instagram

Yujeong then handed her a piece of chocolate, and the netizen now regrets not thanking her due to her surprise.

I wanted to thank her for the chocolate, but I didn’t get the chance. I pulled out this photo once Brave Girls came back into the scene.

— Netizen

The photo shows a small KitKat chocolate bar.

Along with the photo evidence, the netizen shared her story as a testament to Yujeong’s character.

I wasn’t even an employee or a staff member there. I was just an average civilian.

— Netizen

Here’s wishing Yujeong and the rest of Brave Girls lots of success!

| Brave Entertainment

Because it sounds like they deserve it.

Source: Dispatch
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