How A Fan Influenced Jack Harlow’s Verse On BTS Jungkook’s “3D”

She taught him an expression.

BTS Jungkook‘s collaboration single with American rapper Jack Harlow, “3D,” was released this weekend. And a fan might have influenced part of Harlow’s verse for the song.

In 2022, Geneva Lexine (@genevalexine on TikTok) met Jack Harlow. During their meeting, he revealed that he had seen her TikTok.


Reply to @alexisdaniellacruz just the thought of my videos living on his fyp 🧍🏻🤭 #jackharlow #jackharlowedit #comehomethekidsmissyou #blondeasianjackharlowgirl @missionaryjack

♬ I Got A Shot – Jack Harlow

Geneva Lexine: Hi!

Jack Harlow: Sup, lady, how you doin’?

Geneva Lexine: Nice to see you again.

Jack Harlow: Great to see you. Every time I see you, I’m in a good mood. Geneva, there’s a girl named Emily that looks like you. Do you be with Resa a lot?

Geneva Lexine: All the time… Vegas. Anything Westcoast.

Jack Harlow: Alright. Well, it’s time we become better friends.

Geneva Lexine: Yes.

Jack Harlow: Yeah

Geneva Lexine: My TikTok brand for you. I blew up because of you.

Jack Harlow: Oh, I’ve seen your videos.

Geneva Lexine: Yup.

Jack Harlow: The “I Wanna See Some A*s” one was you, right? That one went crazy.

Geneva Lexine: Mmhmm!

Jack Harlow: Yeah, you killed on there.

Geneva Lexine: Love you!

Jack Harlow: Love you, bye!

At the end of the video, Geneva revealed her signed CD, which read, “My fav ABG.” Now, Geneva has posted another clip from her meeting in which she asked him to write “ABG” on the CD, to which he asked, “What is that?” She explained that it was an acronym for “Asian Baby Girl.”


the moment i heard it…I KNEW #jackharlow #jungkook #3D #abg #genevalexine

♬ original sound – geneva lexine

Jack Harlow: Spell it.

Geneva Lexine: The letters: ABG.

Jack Harlow: What is that?

Geneva Lexine: Asian Baby Girl.

Her video went viral with 1.4M views on TikTok at the time of writing as Jack Harlow’s line in Jungkook’s “3D,” “All my ABGs get cute for me,” has garnered attention. Read more below.

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