Fans Asked ITZY’s Yeji If She’s Exhausted During A Live Broadcast — Here’s What She Said After A Long Pause

“Aren’t you exhausted?” — Fan

ITZY‘s Yeji recently turned on her live broadcast via V Live in hopes to chat with her beloved fans.

But it took place at quite the late hour, so one fan asked Yeji if she was all right.

Aren’t you exhausted?

— Fans

And after a long pause, Yeji gave a touching answer.

I turned on the live broadcast because I wanted to. Why would I be exhausted? I’m talking to my fans.

— Yeji

| V Live

Yeji then went on to touch fans even further by elaborating that fans might perceive the live broadcast to be work when she doesn’t.

I feel like my fans think V Live is work. I don’t think of it that way.

— Yeji

| V Live

On the contrary, Yeji expressed her concern that she might’ve been bothering her fans.

I actually want to chat with my fans a lot more often, but I’m just worried it might bother you guys.

— Yeji

| V Live

So she asked her fans if they think her broadcasts are too frequent, and one playful fan trolled her with a hilarious response.

Well, we are pretty busy.

— Fan

And Yeji couldn’t help but laugh.

My fans are playing hard to get again.

— Yeji

Yeji has always been famous for being obsessed with her fans, and this just goes to prove it.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight


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