A Korean Fan May Have Discovered The Theory Behind EXO’s “Don’t Fight The Feeling”

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EXO will soon be making a special comeback with “Don’t Fight The Feeling”. While they’ve always come out with interesting concepts and behind stories, this one might be the best ever. A Korean fan did some research and uploaded their theory onto community site, theqoo.

Firstly, the context of most EXO theories start out with the knowledge that EXO’s concept is that they come from Exoplanet. They all are “aliens” that have superpowers. With D.O.‘s teaser, he’s seen landing on an orange-atmosphered terrain.

| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

Through research, fans found out that the planet he has landed on, is likely Kepler-78b. This is linked to a project called “Exoplanet Exploration” for planets outside of humans’ solar system.

The interesting thing to note here is that EXO’s last concert name was “Exoplanet Exploration” as well. A coincidence? We think not.

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The thing about Kepler-78b, is that it is one of the exoplanets (planets outside our solar system) that has a very similar mass and radius to the earth.

Not only that, Kepler-78b orbits around a star called Kepler-78, much like how the earth circles the sun. It holds many similarities to the earth, making it a plausible place to live on.

Let us move on to Xiumin‘s teaser. Xiumin has landed on a place with ice and aurora. It is said that this is Saturn.

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They have also deduced that Baekhyun probably landed on an exoplanet called Proxima b.

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Proxima b similarly is close in mass and size with the earth. It is possible that life can blossom here.

On the other hand, Kai landed on Mars.

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You may be wondering if D.O. and Baekhyun landed on exoplanets similar to earth, why did Kai and Xiumin land on planets within our solar system? Well, Mars itself is well-known to have contained fossils and signs of life, even as current conditions are harsh. On the other hand, while life is near impossible on Saturn itself due to severely cold weather, its moons contain some elements that make life possible. Xiumin’s superpower is also frost, which could be why they sent him there.

In conclusion, it is possible that the concept revolves around the boys searching for a planet, or exoplanet, to build their new life. Either they cannot live on earth any longer or they do not wish to.

There you have it! Stay tuned for more updates on this theory after the rest of the teasers are released!

Source: theqoo