Fans Call Out BlockBerry Creative And MyMusicTaste For Neglecting LOONA’s Health To Extend Tour

Orbits believe that the tour needs to be postponed.

Orbits (LOONA fans) are expressing their concerns and calling out BlockBerry Creative and MyMusicTaste for continuing the 2022 LOONA 1st World Tour : [LOONATHEWORLD] despite members continually facing health issues.

LOONA in New Mexico | @loonatheworld/Twitter

LOONA kicked off the 2022 LOONA 1st World Tour : [LOONATHEWORLD] on July 31.

Prior to the tour, BlockBerry Creative announced that Chuu would be absent from schedules. Orbits were concerned already, especially when a clip of Chuu at LOONA’s Flip That showcase resurfaced, showing her expression when a tour was mentioned.

Hello. This is BlockBerry Creative.

Due to scheduled activities that have been fixed in advance throughout the rest of the year, LOONA’s Chuu will not be participating in the 2022 LOONA 1st WORLD TOUR [LOONATHEWORLD].

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support.

— BlockBerry Creative

Still, the tour went on, and Orbits showed out for the rest of the members. Unfortunately, many members since have displayed health concerns.

In Mexico City on August 28, Orbits reported that Yeojin was seen collapsing on stage, apparently worn out after “Pose,” one of their hardest choreographies. Additionally, fellow members Choerry and Olivia Hye had to sit out multiple performances due to their physical condition.

Also, Haseul has had to perform with a sling on her arm. At times, as few as seven out of eleven members have performed on stage.

In one month, LOONA has performed 14 shows in 13 cities and even performed at 2022 KCON LA. Immediately following the American leg of the tour, LOONA has set off on their European leg, and there are already plans for South East Asia in October.

But with each announcement of new tour dates also seems to come with announcements of a member’s absence due to a health concern. On September 8, MyMusicTaste released a statement that Yves could not participate in the concert and Meet & Greet due to fever.

It was already concerning that the tour schedule appeared too tight to allow proper time to rest in between shows. Now, after seeing so many of the members are facing health concerns, it is clear to Orbits that they need to be given a break to recuperate. With each show, at least one member has been announced as absent.

Since the announcement on Yves’s condition, Orbits are responding in more than just frustration but disgust that the tour is continuing despite everything.

Orbits are calling on BlockBerry Creative and MyMusicTaste to either postpone or cancel the tour out of the best interest of LOONA.

Many Orbits feel the girls are being “exploited” and “tortured” with the continuous shows.

They are worried that only one member will be left to perform by the end.

Since August, Orbits have been urging BlockBerry Creative to give LOONA a break after witnessing the members’ degrading health due to overwork.

Not only are Orbits concerned about the members’ health, but it would be in the company’s best interest to allow their artists to rest long enough so they can come back and perform in their best condition as a full group.

Instead of postponing, it seems as if BlockBerry Creative and MyMusicTaste will only continue adding more dates for LOONA’s world tour.

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Source: MyMusicTaste

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