A Clip Of LOONA’s Chuu Goes Viral After Her Fansite Speaks Up About Alleged Mistreatment

Fans are outraged.

In March of 2022, it was rumored that LOONA‘s Chuu was filing a suspension of her exclusive contract with Blockberry Creative.

While there was some concern with “Chuu” and “LOONA’s Chuu” having been trademarked by Blockberry creative, many netizens supported Chuu’s alleged decision.

Chuu | Melon

Then on June 3rd, Blockberry Creative announced that Chuu would not be participating in LOONA’s upcoming first world tour due to schedule conflicts.

Hello. This is Blockberry Creative.

Due to scheduled activities that have been fixed in advance throughout the rest of the year, LOONA’s Chuu will not be participating in the 2022 LOONA 1st WORLD TOUR [LOONATHEWORLD].

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support.

-BlockBerry Creative

Netizens were frustrated by the announcement, pointing out that Chuu always talked excitedly about meeting her fans, and it didn’t seem fair that she wouldn’t be able to perform with the rest of her group.


| @_mymusictaste/Twitter

On June 22, 2022, Korean media reported that Chuu is discussing the details of an exclusive management contract with BY4M Studio.

LOONA’s Chuu Reportedly To Leave Blockberry Creative And Sign With A New Management Company

In response to the news, Chuu’s longtime fansite master has spoken up about the alleged mistreatment Chuu has suffered from Blockberry Creative. The fansite master mentioned that Chuu has been dependent on taking taxis to solo schedules and carrying her own luggage, even though “their manager isn’t even busy.”

I was not saying anything up to now but Blockberry, these f*ckers, they haven’t been giving Jiwoo (Chuu’s real name) a manager for her solo schedules since May. That’s why Jiwoo has been taking taxis for all of her schedules, and she’s been carrying her own luggages as well, these f*ckers.

Their manager isn’t even busy LOL When Jiwoo had to call a taxi through KakaoTaxi for her schedule, the manager was driving Yerim (Choerry’s real name) to a birthday cafe event.

What’s worse is that on the day LOONA filmed Weekly Idol, everyone left work in the van while Jiwoo came out first and left on a KakaoTaxi. You f*ckers.

Well, if she only had to take taxis for personal and undisclosed schedules, then I would just shut up LOL but for yesterday’s schedule, they even took applications for fans to come watch and yet they didn’t give her a manager and made her carry her own luggage as she got off work alone. LOL these f*ckers, get it together.


The fansite shared that if Blockberry Creative released a statement to deny the mistreatment, they would refute it with photos.

| @loonatheworld/Twitter

Netizens have since voiced their support of Chuu, encouraging the idol to do what she needs to receive fair and proper treatment.

Although, of course, fans are still hopeful that she will remain a member of LOONA, especially since she and her members are always supporting one another. This is definitely possible since many groups like GOT7 and MAMAMOO have stayed active while having one or more members sign under different management labels.

LOONA | @loonatheworld/Twitter

Meanwhile, a clip of Chuu at LOONA’s recent Flip That showcase has gone viral, with netizens realizing how sad Chuu looks when the MC mentions the world tour.

Fans are equal parts angry…

And sad.

Alleging that Chuu’s exclusion from the tour seems like more mistreatment by Blockberry Creative rather than Chuu’s choice.

Although the schedules were likely all made in advance, netizens are pointing out that it doesn’t make sense to have LOONA’s first world tour when one of the members wouldn’t be able to make it.

Even netizens who aren’t fans of LOONA feel upset on the idol’s behalf.

And many are realizing that the rest of LOONA, specifically Olivia Hye, JinSoul, and Kim Lip, who are seen in the viral clip, also look unhappy.

Hopefully, for LOONA’s sake, the issues will be resolved quickly.

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