Here Is How Korean Netizens Are Reacting To Chuu’s Lawsuit Against Blockberry Creative

Will they find a resolution?

News that LOONA member Chuu has filed a lawsuit against her label, Blockberry Creative, to terminate her contract has shocked the K-pop industry. This report was followed by another, stating that Blockberry Creative has filed to trademark Chuu’s name, which might force her to part with it if she chooses to leave.

Neither Blockberry nor Chuu has officially made a statement regarding the reason for the lawsuit. However, it is rumored that the lawsuit is over the way the money Chuu earns is split among her members.

LOONA | Blockberry Creative

Many fans gathered in Korea’s largest online community to discuss the news. In a post titled “It seems Chuu is going to leave LOONA,” netizens reacted to the news.

One netizen wrote, “Chuu should receive the money she earns. Just because she’s in a group, she shouldn’t have to share the money she earns through her solo endeavors…

Chuu | Chuu Can Do It/YouTube

The netizen is alluding to the many variety programs Chuu has featured in. Not only does she promote within LOONA but she also has a popular YouTube channel that has close to a million subscribers.

Other reactions included, “Smaller labels need to stop sending out one breadwinner to earn all the money then spread it out between members as if they are baby birds,” and, “They filed a copyright claim only on Chuu’s name, so if she leaves the label she can’t use her name. That’s crazy.”

What are your thoughts?

Stay tuned for updates on the latest regarding Chuu and Blockberry Creative.

Source: Nate