Fans Of LOONA Concerned After Several Members Miss Performances On Tour Due To Health Issues

The schedule is not very practical or healthy.

In June, Blockberry Creative announced that LOONA would be kicking off their first world tour on July 31. Soon after, they announced that the group’s member Chuu would be absent through the entirety of the tour for apparent health reasons. Though this news made fans confused and disappointed, Orbits showed up for their girls. But now with multiple members having to sit out shows, fans are getting increasingly concerned about the group’s health and wellbeing.

LOONA in New Mexico | @loonatheworld/Twitter

Recently, a short clip was uploaded on Twitter where the group’s member Yeojin was seen collapsing on stage while performing at Mexico City. But this is not the sole reason why fans are deeply worried for the girls. Members Choerry and Olivia Hye also had to sit out multiple performances due to their physical condition, while Haseul is performing with a sling on her arm. During a performance in New Mexico, there were only seven out of eleven members performing on stage.

In less than a month’s time, LOONA has put on 14 shows in 13 cities, and also performed at KCON LA. After the American leg of their tour, they immediately start with the European leg in September, and then they have new schedules planned in South East Asia in October.

Fans were already concerned about the tight tour schedule that visibly didn’t accommodate rest days for the artists. Now, after witnessing so many of the girls suffering while trying to put on shows, Orbits are demanding that the girls get an appropriate break to heal.

Many Orbits also dread that the girls might feel guilty about not being able to perform to their fullest potential on their very first tour. So, it is better that this tour is paused for the moment to let them recover than to let them sabotage their health.