Fans Call VIXX’s Stylist A “Pervert”—Here’s Her Response On The Group’s Shirtless Looks

Is she really dirty minded?

Working in the industry for 13 years, K-Pop stylist Kim Nayeon is known to many as “God Nayeon”. And when you look at VIXX (one of the groups Kim works with), it’s hard to disagree. But there’s one styling choice in particular fans just can’t forget—and some are calling Kim Nayeon a pervert for coming up with it. Here’s what she had to say on the matter in a new YouTube video with AYO.

What comes to mind when you think of VIXX’s most iconic looks? Whichever outfits were your favorite, no Starlight’s list would be complete without the group’s styling for “Chained Up” way back in 2015.

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For the group’s previous single, “Love Equation”, the members showed off a boyish charm. But “Chained Up” took things in the opposite direction.

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The era was characterized by one requirement: no shirts. In most of their outfits, the members were shirtless underneath sleek, fitted suits.

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And unsurprisingly, that meant some performances even showed off the member’s nipples!

For one AYO commenter, the “Chained Up” looks were unforgettable. The viewer posted a photo of VIXX from the era to address what they called “the importance of male idol’s stylist“. They also gave Kim Nayeon a new nickname: “Pervert Stylist“. Jokingly, the fan thanked Kim for “being a perv“.

Naturally, Kim Nayeon had to give her response to the comment. The stylist revealed that she didn’t expect to see the “Chained Up” outfits resurface after five years, and that she didn’t style them that was purposefully just to be perverted.

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Kim explained that back then, VIXX’s concept involved a lot of suits. Some of the members even wore suits for the group’s debut song, “Super Hero”. From that moment on, suits became a staple in VIXX’s styling, showing up in “Only U”, “Eternity”, and more.

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When it came to “Chained Up” era, the team wanted to continue with their suit theme. But, the styling also needed to match the passionate and sensual feel of the title track.

So, Kim Nayeon “thought about what would feel sexy in a different way“, leading someone else on the team to propose the unforgettable concept: “no shirt“. After reflecting on the idea, that’s the path they decided to take—much to the delight of fans.

“Chained Up” may be a fan favorite when it comes to outfits, but was it Kim Nayeon’s favorite era? The stylist didn’t say, but she did pick up on another era where the styling was “so pretty“—the jumpsuits VIXX wore for “Parallel” last year.

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Ah this is… so pretty! I made it, but still [laughs].

— Kim Nayeon

Kim Nayeon also included a couple of VIXX members on her list of idols who look great in suits.

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