Fans Are Concerned About IVE’s Wonyoung After Recent Performance, Calling On Starship Entertainment To Let Her Rest

“I’m genuinely worried for her.”

IVE‘s Wonyoung has been busy wowing fans with her unreal visuals at Paris Fashion Week, but after seeing her performance at a recent university festival, fans are worried about her health.

IVE’s Jang Wonyoung | @for_everyone10/Instagram

Wonyoung attended Paris Fashion Week to represent fashion brand FRED. On her way there, Wonyoung was praised for her sophisticated airport fashion.

And, of course, she did not fail to show her true personality as she attended to the fans who waited for her arrival.

Wonyoung proved to be the true main character at Paris Fashion Week

…and made sure that fans will always remember this particular version of her.

Yet, despite how much fans appreciated her glamorous appearance in Paris, some became concerned for her after her grueling schedule was revealed.

Now, after seeing her recent performance at Chungnam National University, fans are raising concerns with Starship Entertainment over Wonyoung’s well-being.

Being the professional she is, Wonyoung did her best to not let her exhaustion show.

But during the group’s ment, it seemed like she did not look very well.

Fans took issue with this, questioning the company’s treatment of her…

…as well as that of her members. After all, some of them are still minors, yet they all have a packed schedule for the rest of the year.

While Wonyoung’s busy schedule is a testament to her commitment to her group (and to the fact that she’s always in demand), fans now want Wonyoung to be allowed to rest.

As much as fans want to see more of Wonyoung, her health is the most important thing!