Fans Enraged After MNET Removes Jinni’s Shot From MAMA Girl Group Collab Stage Performance

Netizens are wondering why the network and the label went to such lengths.

On November 29, during the second day of the MAMA Awards, 32 idols from rookie girl groups IVE, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, NMIXX, and Kep1er  broke into different units and performed each others’ debut songs, followed by a full group performance to TWICE‘s “Cheer Up” in an iconic collaboration stage. The performance was included in an official compilation video of the top 10 most-watched performances of the awards show this year on Mnet’s YouTube channel.

Fans recently discovered that the single close-up shot of Jinni, a former member of NMIXX, has now been deleted from the official video. Jinni performed her own group’s debut song, “O.O,” with groupmate Lily, LE SSERAFIM’s KazuhaYeseo and Dayeon from Kep1er, NewJeans’ Minji, and IVE’s Gaeul.

The single solo shot of Jinni’s performance was replaced by a panoramic view of the stage from far away. In the “Cheer Up” performance, there were individual shots of each of the groups doing Sana‘s iconic “Shy shy shy” move. Now, NMIXX’s shot has been completely removed from that part.

Jinni’s departure was a sudden announcement that still hasn’t settled in for many NSWERs. JYP Entertainment enraged fans when Jinni’s photos were deleted swiftly from the group’s official Instagram account shortly after the announcement. With this new exclusion of Jinni, fans are wondering why the label or the network might go to such lengths to remove traces of her being in NMIXX.

| theqoo
  • “These are usually done at the agency’s request…”
  • “Why don’t they just tell us the reason why she left?”
  • “Even if you say her leaving was unavoidable, deleting things like this only makes fans anxious. What is the company thinking?”
  • “Why are they doing this to her?”
  • “Couldn’t you at least leave them as memories? This is too much.”
Source: theqoo