Fans Express Concern for IVE’s Leeseo As She Gets Injured During A Concert

Get well soon!

IVE recently finished the Singapore leg of their world tour, SHOW WHAT I HAVE, on February 24, 2024. Halfway through the set, Leeseo quickly left for the wings. She was missing from action for around 10 minutes, and the other members tried to stall for time for her.

Fans noticed that she was limping when she returned to the stage. In a photograph taken by a fan at the airport, her calves had been taped up with muscle tape.

| @puyantika/X

She later mentioned during the ending speech that she had been injured earlier on. According to Leeseo, she had been in a hurry to make it to the stage, and ended up injuring her ankle.

She assured fans that although she had been a little hurt, she was truly fine now. Fans couldn’t help but worry for the maknae.

Leeseo still managed to finish the set without any problems. She was smiling brightly by the time the end of the concert.


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