Drama “The Uncanny Encounter” Actor Lee Hong Nae Was In A BTS Music Video Before

We know we’re not the only one surprised!

OCN’s new drama The Uncanny Encounter has become a popular series among netizens for its mysterious and thrilling story line about demon-hunters and evil spirits.


The level-3 evil spirit Ji Chung Sin, played by actor Lee Hong Nae, has been gaining much attention online for his amazing acting skills.


As more netizens began to wonder about this actor, they’ve discovered that he already has quite a wide range of filmography on his resume.


Born in 1990, he first started out as a model before debuting as an actor in 2014. He first debuted using the name Cha Jun but later changed to his current name, Lee Hong Nae.

While taking a look at his filmography, netizens found something interesting.

| Stone Music Entertainment

It turns out that he was the main character in BTS’s music video for “Come Back Home” (2017). He wears a black hoodie over his head and gives off a chilling charisma in the video.

Aside from this, he has appeared in The King: Eternal Monarch, Catch The Ghost, Trap, Save Me, and many more. To see more of Lee, tune in to The Uncanny Encounter on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30 PM KST.

Source: 1boon