Fans Are In Love With ITZY’s “MMA 2019” Outfits And Feel They Struck Absolute Gold

Golden rookies in golden outfits!

ITZY rocked the stage at the Melon Music Awards 2019, awing everyone with their talents and visuals!

On November 30, ITZY attended the Melon Music Awards 2019, where they also snagged the award for “Best New Female Artist Of The Year”!


Previously, MIDZY’s were extremely unhappy over ITZY’s repeated use of outfits throughout music shows, as well as award shows. With their appearance at the MMA 2019, however, fans’complaints have since been put to rest as they all fawned over ITZY’s superior gold outfits that completely blew them away!


Check out individual photos of the girls in those gorgeous gold outfits!