Fans Are Lining Up To Enlist In The Military In Place Of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actor Kang Tae Oh — Here’s What Happened

“All we need to do now is go…”

Love is a four-letter word that is often easy to say but hard to prove.

For ages, lovers have asked, “What would you do for love?” The Bee Gees once sang, “How Deep Is Your Love?…”

Rapper 50 Cent had to ask “21 Questions” to get his answer…

And Ryan Gosling tried answering everyone’s question by building a house.

K-Drama fans are no strangers to expressing their love, but fans of actor Kang Tae Oh are taking it to a whole different level.

Kang Tae Ho

Previously, we reported on Extraordinary Attorney Woo actor Kang Tae Oh’s meteoric rise in popularity thanks to the hit drama… but this is unprecedented.

Kang Tae Ho

Kang Tae Oh has become a household name from the success of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Fans, however, were disappointed to find out that the actor would be enlisting in the military after the drama.

Fans were devastated to find out that they won’t be able to look at Kang Tae Oh’s face on their TV screens for nearly two whole years! One fan, however, was undeterred by Korean law mandating men serve in the military. They instead came up with a brilliant idea.

On one of Korea’s largest online communities, a fan uploaded a post looking for 600 fans of Kang Tae Oh. The fan suggested that each fan take turns serving a day in the military for Kang Tae Oh. And Kang Tae Oh fans are answering the call in droves.

That’s right, Kang Tae Oh fans are willing to serve in the military if that means they can look at that face — and what a face it is!

Kang Tae Ho

The post has since gone viral, racking up over 80K views as of writing this article. There are also over 300 comments, with many stating they are willing to volunteer as tribute.

  • “I want to go!!!”
  • “All we need to do now is go. Let’s go!”
  • “I’m unemployed, so I can stay a whole month.”
  • “I’m available for two days ㅠㅠ.”
  • “I am also available for a day.”

Many fans still mourned over the actor’s impending military duties.

  • “I watched episode 7 today and am in love ㅠㅠ. Don’t go.”
  • “Why is that whenever an actor gets his big break, we immediately lose him to the military?
  • “Don’t go ㅠㅠ.”

It seems Kang Tae Oh fans really don’t want to see him enlist. Will this never-before declaration of love by fans make history? Only time will tell! By the way, what does your schedule look like?

Source: Theqoo

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