Fans And MIRAE Welcome Back KARD’s J.Seph From Military

OT4 is finally together again!

KARD‘s J.Seph is finally back!

On October 5, 2022, J.Seph began his military enlistment as an active-duty soldier. He had given the remaining three members permission to continue promoting together.

Of course, Hidden KARDs (KARD’s fandom) have eagerly anticipated J.Seph’s return, so to have OT4 again!

Now, a dream is a reality.

J.Seph held a live broadcast to meet with fans again, and the rest of the members joined him. They welcomed him back with a cake!

Naturally, Hidden KARDs were emotional. It’s so good to have J.Seph back!

That’s not all. MIRAE also welcomed J.Seph back!

BRB, crying.

Hidden KARDs have been patiently waiting for a full group comeback ever since their last release, “Gunshot,” came out in August 2020. Somin and BM recently teased a comeback ahead of J.Seph’s return.

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