Fans Have Divided Opinions On Girls’ Generation Yoona’s First “Tattoos”

Yoona can do whatever she wants.

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona recently appeared in a video congratulating BoA on her 20th debut anniversary.



But what gained particular attention was what was seen on Yoona’s arms and chest.

During her sincere message for her fellow SM labelmate and superior, BoA, fans couldn’t help but notice the various tattoos all over her arms and chest.

The tattoos were in the shape of flowers, and the purple color suited her skin tone perfectly.

And while many predict that the tattoos are actually just stickers, fans have divided opinions on Yoona with tattoos.

Some fans aren’t so sure about Yoona getting tattoos.

  • Those are obviously stickers, right?
  • I feel like Yoona is prettier without tattoos.
  • I don’t know if they suit her.
  • That’s just a concept, right?

Meanwhile, others believe she should do whatever she wants.

  • Since she’s pretty, she can look good with just about anything.
  • That’s pretty refreshing to see.

No matter what fans may think, the decision is totally up to Yoona.

Besides, no one actually knows for certain whether these tattoos are real or not.

But what’s for sure is that she really can pull off anything.


Source: Dispatch

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