Fans Praise ENHYPEN’s “MusicBank Style Studio” Interview For Not Whitewashing The Members

The members got to show their amazing natural visuals!

Fans are praising KBS for not whitewashing the members of ENHYPEN in their recent MusicBank Style Studio interview.


Whitewashing is an issue that has always been prevalent in the K-Pop industry. Idols are often forced to adhere to very strict standards of appearance, and one of the most important ones revolves around skin color. In fact, there is so much pressure to look a certain way that many idols have had to go as far as white-tanning themselves to lighten their skin, according to former Blady member Tina.

| AnthonyPadilla/YouTube 

The issue has led to not only companies being called out for whitewashing their idols, but also idols for making colorist comments.

In response to the issue, many fans have been showing increasing appreciation for the natural, unwhitewashed visuals of idols such as SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu, whose photos from a recent shoot proved he looks amazing when given the correct foundation shade.

Therefore, unsurprisingly, ENGENEs were more than happy to see the natural skin tones of ENHYPEN’s members on MusicBank Style Studio.

| KBS Kpop/YouTube

It seems like KBS did not shy away from leaving the members unfiltered, even showing gorgeous shots of the members up close.

Even with some very minor blemishes, the members proved that nothing can detract from the fact that their natural visuals need no filtering.

Fans did not fail to appreciate the looks being served…

…and they aimed praise at KBS for choosing to showcase the members in a way that does justice to their natural skin.

Watch the full clip right here!

Source: YouTube