Fans Praise OMEGA X’s Hangyeom For The Way He Protected Jaehan From Further Physical Assault By Spire Entertainment’s CEO Kang Seong Hee

He has made fans proud with his actions.

Fans of OMEGA X have been devastated to see the abuse suffered by the group at the hands of Spire Entertainment and its CEO Kang Seong Hee, but the members have also made them proud of the way they stood up for each other and for their leader Jaehan, particularly Hangyeom.

Hangyeom | @OmegaX_members/Twitter
Jaehan | @OmegaX_members/Twitter

After a tour of North America already fraught with issues, OMEGA X came under the spotlight after a recording posted by a netizen presented evidence of them being abused by their management.

Additional witness accounts made it conclusive, but when Spire Entertainment and Kang Seong Hee addressed the issue, their statement faced a furious backlash from fans, especially considering that OMEGA X were practically left stranded in Los Angeles and forced to buy their own flight tickets back. SBS shortly released a video of Kang Seong Hee verbally abusing and then physically assaulting the members, specifically Jaehan.

While there was not much his members could do, their attempts to help and stand up for Jaehan were truly praiseworthy. In the video, Kang Seong Hee can be heard shouting at OMEGA X before Jaehan sits down on the ground, seemingly suffering from a panic attack as she mocks him.

His members did their best to ask her to stop but to no effect.

OMEGA X: Ma’am, please. Stop.

Kang: Do you even know how many times I passed out?

OMEGA X: He’s not feeling well right now.

Kang: I’m not well either. In fact, I’m dying in pain right now!

Despite their repeated attempts to help him and calm down the situation, she only seemed to get more infuriated, leading her to accuse Jaehan of “acting sick.”

OMEGA X: Please, ma’am. Stop.

Kang: Stop? You want me to stop?

OMEGA X: (To Jaehan) Are you okay?

Kang: You’re putting on a show.

(Jaehan walks over to a vehicle.)

Kang: Hey! Stand up straight! Don’t be fooled, he’s obviously acting sick!

Even after they returned to their hotel, Kang Seong Hee was nowhere near done. Still furious about how the members never took care of her the way they did for Jaehan, she seemingly grabbed him as he entered the lift, causing him to stumble. Luckily, his members were able to catch him.

Breaking down in tears, Jaehan did not seem able to stand on his own after that. But his members held him up.

Fans are now praising the members’ actions. Even though they were all in a powerless position, they still did their best to stand up for Jaehan and to care for him.

In fact, FOR X noticed that Hangyeom actually physically blocked Kang Seong Hee from entering the lift, thereby protecting Jaehan from further physical abuse.

His actions have led FOR X to express much pride in him, as it shows what kind of person he really is. While Spire Entertainment has denied the allegations, FOR X are demanding that both the company and its CEO take full responsibility for their actions.

Read the full transcript of the video right here.

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And watch the full video released by SBS right here.

Spire Entertainment’s Abuse of OMEGA X

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