Fans Rally Behind Red Velvet’s Irene After A “Double Patty” Interview Goes Live

This is one of her first appearances back in the spotlight.

Red Velvet‘s Irene is slowly coming back to the spotlight and her fans seem ready for her return.

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On February 9th, a short clip was released by Double Patty onto YoutubeDouble Patty is an upcoming film where Irene plays the lead female character, Lee Hyun Ji. This specific video showcases Irene and the male lead actor, Shin Seung Ho talking about their Double Patty characters. In particular, the two leads talk about what they believe their characters’ healing foods are.

(Left) Actor Shin Seung Ho, (right) Irene | @Culture N Star/YouTube

What caught the eye of netizens, however, wasn’t the actual content of the video, but rather Irene’s changed attitude. In the video, it is evident that her demeanor has completely shifted. While the Red Velvet member is typically known for her neutral facial expressions, fans immediately noticed her constant efforts in trying to keep a smile on her face. Irene’s usual quirky personality wasn’t visible as well and was replaced by an overall nervous appearance.

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Back in October of 2020, Irene found herself in the middle of an attitude controversy after a stylist came forward with bullying accusations against the girl group member. Shortly after the accusations were brought to light, Irene personally stepped forward and admitted that she was the idol in question. After these allegations were confirmed by the Red Velvet member, netizens quickly went after the “Psycho” singer, leaving her an endless amount of malicious comments. Since then, Irene has been laying low and keeping away from the spotlight. That is, until now.

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To promote her upcoming movie, Irene has slowly been coming back into the public eye and fans couldn’t be more excited. The YouTube comment section of the Double Patty clip has been filled with supportive messages for the girl group member. Here is what her fans had to say.

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  • “Bae Joohyun I love you. We’ll meet soon”
  • “Irene please stay healthy. We are always on your side. Love you~”
  • “We love you Irene! We will always support you! Our lettuce (nickname), hwaiting! Double Patty, hwaiting!”
  • “We have all waited for actress Bae Joohyun. I’m going to watch Double Patty every day.”
  • “Joohyun-ah, just look straight ahead and move forward. Hwaiting Irene.”
Irene’s “Double Patty” poster | KT Corporation

Double Patty is set to premiere on February 17, 2021 and will mark Irene’s official big screen debut. You can watch the interview clip in question, down below.

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