Fans React To SHINee’s Hilarious Minho And Onew Ending Fairy Moments

SHINee isn’t iconic for no reason!

After SHINEE‘s Key went viral when he forgot his role as the ending fairy, it seems like the other SHINee members want to make an impact as the most iconic “Ending fairy.”

SHINee recently released their latest single, “Don’t Call Me,” and has been promoting it on various music shows.

On February 27, the group performed their B-Side “Heart Attack” on an episode of Show! Music Core. When the track finished, the camera panned to Minho, who pretended to wipe his sweat and tears away.

Minho struck again on the February 28 edition of Inkigayo. After their performance of “Heart Attack,” he purposefully took a piece of confetti and stuck it onto his face.

Not one to be left behind, leader Onew also joined in on that show making sure that his ending fairy moment was something worth remembering!

Fans went on social media after the shows to react to these hilarious and iconic moments from SHINee!

With only Taemin left to add to the SHINee iconic Ending Fairy Collection, it will be exciting to see what might come next!