Fans Realize Jonghyun Had The Symbol Of Depression Tattooed On His Body

The last tattoo that Jonghyun had and what it really meant to him.

Earlier this year, Jonghyun got a new tattoo on the left side of his body of a black dog. Beside the dog, he tattooed the words: “I have a black dog. If you touch, you’ll get bitten!

A “black dog” is commonly used as a metaphor for depression and a symbol of depression. The symbol comes from Winston Churchill, who battled with depression for all of his life and referred to hiss depression as his “black dog”.

Jonghyun has showcased his tattoo multiple times in the past and has never been shy about showing his emotions in the past. But until now, fans had no idea how serious the tattoo was to Jonghyun and what it truly meant.

Jonghyun’s tattooist, Park Karo, also revealed the last design Jonghyun wanted to get tattooed on himself. It was simply the word “BYE.”

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“Lastly, he wanted to do it.It was the last word he wanted to do. You did well.”

— Park Karo

Fans from around the world have flooded Jonghyun’s black dog post with sincere apologies for not realizing how serious his depression was. In addition to the apologies, his Instagram has become a memorial page for all his fans to leave messages of support and express their sadness at losing someone so meaningful to them.

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Source: Kookmin Ilbo

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