Fans Send Protest Trucks To Call For The Abolishment Of A “Boys Planet” Spin-Off Debut Group

Fans are against the project group.

Although ZEROBASEONE’s has freshly debuted, fans of Boys Planet are absolutely against the idea of a spin-off group’s debut. It was previously reported that there were talks between Yuehua Entertainment and WAKEONE, to debut a spin-off group. Even then, many were displeased about the group, disapproving mostly due to the debut time frame.

On one hand, fans of ZEROBASEONE were worried about the clash in debut and promotion periods. On the other hand, fans of the trainees that would potentially debut in the group, are also unhappy. A project group that has a limited time frame would end up wasting precious time for the trainees.

Do Netizens Approve Of A Spin-Off Debut Group From “Boys Planet” Eliminated Trainees? Here’s What They Have To Say

On July 18, 2023, protest trucks were sent to the CJ ENM building in Sangam.

The truck protest has started from 8.30am at the CJ ENM building in Sangam. Please be understanding if there are any changes with the schedule without prior notice.


— N0_Project

The trucks called for the abolishment of the spin-off group.

Abolish the spin-off group right now, as they will block the paths [of the trainees]. Stop the spin-off group, as it has totally no reassurance for their futures.

— Truck

Just who is this spin-off group for? Don’t make use of the trainees. Abolish this spin-off group that fans don’t even want.

— Truck

Survival shows are a perfect chance for trainees to gain recognition. Even if they do not end up debuting through the show, they can return to their companies with newfound fans. Companies then need to strike when the iron is hot, and quickly pull together a debut. It is because of this that many are against the spin-off group that will be temporary.