Do Netizens Approve Of A Spin-Off Debut Group From “Boys Planet” Eliminated Trainees? Here’s What They Have To Say

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It was previously reported that a group of eliminated trainees from Boys Planet might be put together as a spin-off group. WAKEONE and Yuehua Entertainment have already been in discussions to create such a group.

While the companies denied any firm plans, they confirmed that they have indeed been talking about a spin-off group. The six trainees that have been mentioned for the project include Park Hanbin, Lee Jeonghyeon, Mun Junghyun, Park Jihu, Yoo Seungeon, and Ji Yunseo. The possibility of other members have not yet been closed off.

Just what do fans think of the news? Some were all for it, while others hoped that it was not true.

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  • I like it though…
  • [Reply to above] Me too…
  • Are they insane? It’s not too late to fold the plans now.
  • Seems like it wasn’t just rumors.
  • They’re testing waters…
  • Although this might be beneficial to the companies, will it really be good for the trainees? In the long run, there’s too many cons.
  • I like it. Please make a collaborative group for the long term rather than a project one.

On the other hand, with ZEROBASEONE’s debut set for July 10, 2023, many find the timing a pity. If the spin-off group is to debut around the same time as ZEROBASEONE, there would be clashes in promotions. This is one of the major reasons fans do not wish for a spin-off group to be formed.

Source: Instiz

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