Fans Share A Cute Moment Between BTS’s Jimin And Jimmy Fallon That Was Edited Out Of “The Tonight Show” Episode

The FOMO is real.

BTS‘s Jimin started his promotion for his solo album Face in full swing from the get go, kicking it off at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

He appeared as a guest on the late-night talk show the same day of his album’s release and performed the title track “Like Crazy” live for the first time. The audience at the show’s taping was limited to some 70 people, and the lucky ARMYs who managed to get a seat shared their exciting stories of seeing the singer up front on Twitter, though they reserved most of it not to spoil the fun for others.

After the episode came out on March 24, some ARMYs started sharing a cute moment between Jimin and Jimmy Fallon that didn’t make the final cut. Fallon conducted most of the interview in English, and Jimin, too, answered fluently in the same for the most part. However, according to an audience member, Jimin pulled a little joke in the middle of the interview with the host. The OP (original poster) stated that when Fallon was asking him questions in English, Jimin would sometimes take a bit to process and answer. But at one point, he decided to skip the answer and said, “I don’t speak English!” slamming the table in a cute manner.

Apparently, Fallon reciprocated the joke, jumping out of his seat in response and saying something like, “Now you tell me?”

The story matches one of the pictures posted by the official Twitter account of the show, where Jimin can be seen slamming Fallon’s desk while laughing. The OP also confirmed that the picture is most probably of the same moment they were talking about.

| @FallonTonight/Twitter

According to the audience members, there were quite a few moments like this that were edited out in the episode that they aired on TV and posted on YouTube. But after hearing the cute story, now ARMYs are demanding an extended version of the interview with all the clips that didn’t make it in the final cut!