Fans Want Solo Singer, G.NA To Make A Comeback Following Her Sex Scandal Hiatus

It’s already been 5 years.

Fans want solo singer, G.NA to make a comeback ASAP.

Just a few days ago, G.NA uploaded two photos onto her Instagram page and for whatever reason, these photos have begun to garner some heavy attention. The gorgeous sunset photos were hash tagged with #sunset and #seeyouagain, which is creating a wave of responses from her fans.

Messages of support started to pour out on her post, with many of her fans expressing their desires for the singer to make a comeback.

| @missginachoi87/Instagram

G.NA has been on an indefinite hiatus since news of her sex scandal went public. Back in 2016, numerous media sites reported that singer ‘C’ was confirmed to be involved in prostitution. Solo artist ‘C’ was accused of exchanging money for sexual favors with an unknown CEO. While it was never blatantly revealed that ‘C’ was G.NA, all the clues pointed to her at the time. ‘C’ also sat down for an exclusive interview with Ilgan Sports, who shared that ‘C’ was indeed who everyone believed it to be. Ever since the scandal became public, G.NA has laid low and stayed out of the spotlight.

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Half a decade has since passed her scandal and it looks like fans are ready for the singer to make a comeback. Are ya’ll ready for G.NA to make a K-Pop comeback?

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