Fans Suspect aespa’s Giselle And Somi Were In Japan Together, Proving They Are The Two Cutest Best Friends

“Somi and Giselle having dates in Korea, in Japan, next is LA…”

Aespa‘s Giselle and Somi are known to be great friends, and their recent social media updates prove they really may just be the cutest!

Aespa’s Giselle (left) and Somi (right) | @somsomi0309/Instagram

The two idols have gone viral for their friendship in the past, not least for the way it began. According to Somi, she first reached out to Giselle via her choreographer (who happened to be dancing for Somi’s “Dumb Dumb”) after seeing Giselle supporting her song.

The two have become so close that Somi claims she doesn’t wear any makeup around Giselle. In fact, she even adorably referred to her as her soulmate during a viral TikTok Live that the two of them hosted together.

Throughout the TikTok Live, Giselle and Somi showed off their hilarious bestie energy…

…spilling on some of the best moments of their friendship.

Following recent social media updates from both idols, it seems like they have been adding to those memories. On September 18, Giselle posted some pictures on aespa’s social media of a recent hangout with Somi…

| @aespa_official/Twitter

…and it had fans instantly suspicious that the pictures had been taken in Japan.

This made fans happy to see, seeing as Giselle grew up in Japan.

Somi made her own addition of pictures on her Instagram, uploading possibly the cutest pictures of the two of them yet.

| somsomi0309/Instagram

They had fans gushing over their friendship…

…and feeling proud that they are able to have a seemingly healthy balance between their work and their social life.

Even though the two of them did not grow up together, they really seem as if they’d known each other their whole lives. Yet, fans are still feeling soft after seeing the progress of their wholesome friendship.

Now fans are hoping to see more of them, this time hopefully in Los Angeles!

Fans will definitely be waiting for more updates from this dynamic duo.