Fans Think That ASTRO’s Moonbin Sent A Sign From The Heavens For His Birthday

This is his first birthday since passing.

ASTRO‘s Moonbin was born on January 26, 1998, in South Korea. The star tragically passed away on April 19, 2023, but his spirit will live on forever in the hearts of his many fans and loved ones. As people mourn and miss him on his birthday in 2024, fans found comfort in a phenomenon of nature. They take it to be a sign from Moonbin himself, up in heaven.

By sheer fate or coincidence, the Wolf Moon was visible on his birthday. The full moon of every January is called the “Wolf Moon,” referring to the time of the year when wolves would howl back in the day. The 2024 Wolf Moon occurred at 12.54 pm Eastern Time on January 25. Converted to Korea Standard Time, it occurred at 1.54 am, January 26! It was right in time for Moonbin’s birthday.

Wolf Moon. | @mingyulogy/X 

How is this related to Moonbin, you may ask? Moonbin has been known to favor the wolf! He loves wolves so much that he even had it printed on his custom-made in-ear pieces. He also expressed once that he would like to be a wolf when he is reborn. The Wolf Moon appearing on his first birthday since his passing makes this all the more special.

Not only did he gift his loved ones with the Wolf Moon on his birthday, there were also other phenomenons in nature that fans relate to the star. A rare solar eclipse happened on the day he passed, a pink sky on International Moon Day, and Supermoons in August.

Whether or not it is a coincidence, the occurrence comforted many fans who are missing the star even more on his birthday.