Fans Trend #NewJeansDeserveRespect As Netizens Flood The Group’s Instagram With Hate Comments

Their latest post has over 25,000 comments, many of them malicious.

K-Pop girl group NewJeans is one of the most popular groups to debut in the last year, proven by their many viral moments and amazing music chart performance.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

Other K-Pop idols are even fans of the group, as seen by just how many different stars have shown support for the group’s performances and dance challenges. The group’s most recent release, “OMG,” has even gone viral among non-K-Pop fans on TikTok.


This song is such a banger #kpop #anime

♬ OMG – NewJeans

With the group’s rising popularity, however, there have been some points of criticism, mainly directed toward the group‘s CEO, Min Hee Jin. However, following NewJean’s record-setting Billboard Hot 100 debut, netizens have targeted the group with hate comments over something that was not under their control.

In mid-January, NewJeans became one of three K-Pop girl groups with multiple entries on Billboard Hot 100 chart. After this moment, many Korean news outlets began reporting about NewJeans’s success, claiming they would “fill in” the void left behind by BTS.


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Fans of the group saw this as HYBE “bringing downBTS to promote NewJeans and did not approve of the company using either of the artists in this way. A majority saw it as the company’s fault and did not seem to place blame on the girl group.

Unfortunately, some netizens have taken their concern to the extreme, leaving hate comments directed at NewJeans on Twitter and Instagram. Normally, NewJean’s Instagram posts will get a few thousand comments from fans, but the group’s most recent upload has over 25 thousand comments, many of them negative.

| Instagram
| Instagram

Fans have begun leaving positive comments in response and have even created an email template to send to ADOR in hopes that the label will take action.

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