A Fan’s Unique Gift For IVE’s Jang Wonyoung At A Fansign Gains Attention

It seems like Wonyoung herself was also tickled by the gift!

IVE recently had a fan signing on August 25, 2022, to commemorate their comeback with “After LIKE”. At this fan signing, member Jang Wonyoung received a very unique gift from a fan!

At fan signing, fans typically gift idols with various props that they can wear during the event itself. From headbands to fairy wands, we’ve seen it all! While she also received some adorable kitty ears…

| @lonesomet0wn/Twitter

…this gift took the cake. A fan had given her a frame board that had multiple speech bubbles on it. All of the bubbles contained various compliments and praises.

Here are some of the highly correct, yet hilarious phrases.

  • “Baby-ana Grande”
  • “What time is it in Korea? It’s Jang Wonyoung fever time!”
  • “I should’ve been the one to give birth to her.”
  • “SO LOVELY…”
  • “Even her name is Jjang Wonyoung!”

Of course, the fan came up with the idea because of the Korean trending phrase, “silly compliments jail“. The term refers to when you want to shower someone with so much funny but heart-warming praise that they are trapped in this “jail“. Fans often use it when they want to tell idols just how much they feel like complimenting them.

The gift received much attention as it soon went viral online.

Responses to the gift from netizens. | theqoo
  • “I should’ve given birth to her… LOL”
  • “Insane LOL it suits her so well.”
  • “How did they even carry that there? I thought it was an edit at first but she really was carrying it IRL.”
  • “I thought it was photoshopped LOL”
  • “So cute, those compliments.”
  • “Ah, f*cking funny. How did they even make that?”

It seems like Wonyoung herself was also tickled by the gift! What a creative fan.

Source: theqoo