Fans Upset After SM Leaves Out Jonghyun’s Birthday On Official Content

“It’s like not acknowledging him.”

It appears that SM Entertainment has left out Jonghyun‘s birthday on SHINee‘s season’s greeting and official schedule for the new year and fans are not happy about it.


Back in November when SMTOWN began receiving pre-orders for their season’s greetings 2019 package, fans were deeply upset about the fact that they left out Jonghyun’s name in SHINee’s season’s greeting.

Fans Deeply Upset After SM Excludes Jonghyun’s Name From Official SHINee Merchandise


This time, fans are even more upset after his name was left out on SHINee’s official schedule as well. While the other members’ birthdays were indicated on the official schedule…

Source: Twitter


Jonghyun’s birthday, which is on April 8, was left out.

Source: Twitter


While some have been more understanding of the absence on the season’s greetings due to legal matters, many fans were extremely upset at SM Entertainment for excluding him even on the calendar, taking it as a sign of complete disrespect.


Meanwhile, many fans have been asking the agency to add Jonghyun’s birthday to the calendar as they will continue to celebrate the day for years to come.