Fans Urge Big Hit To Change Using BTS’s Real Names To Fictitious Names For Upcoming Drama

They urge Big Hit to withdraw using BTS’s real names.

With news of BTS’s new drama that is based on the BTS Universe being confirmed, fans are split about the characters using BTS’s real names for the drama.

Fans have begun trending messages to Big Hit Entertainment urging them to reconsider changing the names from BTS’s real names to fictitious ones.

| @btsreactionmemes/Tumblr

They have even begun to use the hashtags #드라마_본명_절대반대 (absolutely oppose using real names for the drama), #세계관드라마_본명_철회해 (withdraw real names from the storyline drama), #방탕드라마_유스_제작철회해 (withdraw BTS drama ‘youth’) as a way to bring attention to this matter to the company.

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On the other hand, others have no problem with the usage of the group members’ names and feel that it’s only a way to reference the character to the actor according to the BU storyline.

What are your thoughts on this? Should they be able to use BTS’s real names or not?