Fans Are Worried For NCT Mark And Haechan’s Health After Mark Reveals They Had To Get An IV Drip

Fans call out SM Entertainment for its treatment of the two members.

NCT‘s Mark and Haechan have been insanely busy recently as members of both NCT 127 and NCT DREAM, and their schedules have caused a lot of concern to both fans and their members.

Haechan (left) and Mark (right)

During NCT 127’s recent show Fill It Up, the members got real about the difficulties they have faced while preparing for their latest comeback, 2 Baddies.

| NCT 127/YouTube 

Yet, leader Taeyong also emphasized that while the comeback has been hard for everyone, it has definitely been harder for Mark and Haechan.

After all, while preparing for 2 Baddies, they also had to prepare for NCT DREAM’s concert THE DREAM SHOW 2, which proved to be one of the biggest concerts of the year. And they still have plenty of grueling activities scheduled for both units for the rest of the year.

For this reason, their fellow NCT DREAM member Chenle also expressed some serious concern over the toll that all this work has been taking on them…

…as did NCT 127’s Yuta.

Now, after previously noticing something on Mark and Haechan’s arms, a fan asked Mark about it at NCT 127’s recent fansign. He admitted that, in fact, both he and Haechan had had to get an IV drip recently.

Fans were upset to find out about this, especially since Mark and Haechan’s health has been a serious cause of concern for their own members for some time.

Now, worried NCTzens are calling out SM Entertainment for failing to protect its artists’ health and for overburdening them with such punishing schedules.

Seeing as Mark and Haechan still have a lot of activities left to complete this year, including performances for both units (NCT 127 will soon embark on the North American leg of their world tour), fans are demanding that the company allow them a proper period of rest, emphasizing that their health is more important than their schedule.

Hopefully, Mark and Haechan’s management will take this into account and make sure that the members are given the time they need to recover. In the meantime, NCTzens are continuing to express their wholehearted support for both members!

Source: YouTube