Fan-Taken Photos Spoil NewJeans Members’ New Hair Colors Ahead Of Comeback

New hair, we care!

NewJeans debuted in August 2022 to much hype. Their fresh and bubbly concept was highly popular, driven by the unique energetic charms that only teen girls can give off. Their iconic choreography and vibe were brought out by the fact that all members sported long, black hair.

NewJeans in their debut MV. | HYBE

Their image was already cemented in the minds of the public, leading to some shock when they sported dyed hair during KCON Japan. Minji‘s hair was dyed an ashy brown while Danielle and Hanni sported different tones in their hair. Haerin‘s hair was tinted pink and blue near the parting and had a blue streak in the back. Hyein‘s dark hair was pulled into pigtails with blond braids in the front.

L to R: Hanni, Hyein, Minji, Danielle, and Haerin.

The girls have announced a comeback in early December. The news got fans guessing about their concept and styling. Would the girls go back to their original pure hair design, or would they go for a more experimental angle? Although it is still too early to tell, fan-taken photos of the girls on the set of a photoshoot may give some hints.

Hyein’s hair remains dark brown while Danielle’s hair is sporting some ashy pink tones in the sunlight.

L to R: Hyein, Danielle, Haerin, and Minji.

Haerin’s hair is orange-brown while Minji’s hair is back to dark, with the subtlelest note of ash. Hanni was off-camera unfortunately.

L to R: Hyein, Danielle, Haerin, and Minji.

With a little over a month left to their comeback, these could very well be the colors the girls go with for concept photography or music video filming!

Source: theqoo


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