“Fantasy Boys” Bok Daniel Goes Viral For His Cover Of NewJeans’ “Hype Boy”

He grew up and went viral for his moves.

The newest reality survival show, Fantasy Boys, has just kicked off. In the audition rounds, audiences were introduced to the 55 contestants from 6 different countries.

Korean and American mixed model Bok Daniel (also known as Daniel Lachapelle) has been famous since his toddler days as a kid model. He was born in 2006, which makes him just 17 years old. His Instagram, which was started for his kid model activities, is still run by his mother. This adorable photo from 2010 proves why he gained fame at a young age!

In 2023, we see him make a move into the idol industry through Fantasy Boys. Although he tried his best, his lack of training showed. The celebrity judges tried to keep a straight face, but they ended up laughing at his cute awkwardness.

Daniel was ranked in the last class, the 3rd class, at the end of the episode. The audition soon went viral, with over 250,000 views in just a few hours. Korean netizens began to call it “Ha-ha-ha-ype Boy” as a reference to both the humor and how he staccatoed the lyrics. International audiences couldn’t hold back their giggles either.

References were also made to the viral auditions from Boys Planet, such as Park Doha and Jung Mingyu‘s “Red and Blue House.”

Despite this, he shows great potential as an unpolished stone! With the right encouragement and training, he could shine brighter!