Here’s How Far MAMAMOO’s Wheein And Ailee Think They Would Make It In “Squid Game”

How long did you think they’d last?

VIXX‘s Ravi has launched his label, The L1VE, and along the way, picked up two powerhouse artists in MAMAMOO‘s Wheein and Ailee. At the label’s first official meeting, however, the pair of singers revealed that if the Netflix hit show Squid Game was to ever happen in real life, Ravi might need to look for new artists.

Ravi (back), Wheein (left), and Ailee (right) | @aileeonline/Instagram

While discussing their hobbies, Ailee mentioned that, besides gaming, she has been watching a lot of Squid Game which both Ravi and Wheein immediately jumped at the chance to discuss. Ravi even admitted to binge-watching the entire show in a day.

He then decided to ask the girls, “When do you think you’ll die if you play the Squid Game?”

After much thought, Ailee was the first to respond with the hope of making it far into the game. “I think I’ll die on the glass bridge!” she said.

She explained that she would make it that far due to her personality and want to win but may lose due to luck alone.

I tend to try to do my best to get the perfect result for things I can do myself. But the glass is really about luck.


With Ailee’s hope of making it far, unquestionably, Wheein must also believe she could make it well into the game?

I think I would’ve died on Red Light Green Light.


While this early out from one of MAMAMOO’s strongest dancers might surprise some, Wheein explained that “I suck with balances” and that “I might shake and then bang~.”

Are you surprised at their answers? Let us know, and to read more from The L1VE’s first-ever get together, check out the article below:

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Squid Game

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