ARMYs Suspect Fear Of God’s Latest Collection Was Designed With BTS In Mind—Here’s Why

“they already got those in their shopping cart as we speak.”

If there’s a brand BTS love that’s not their own (and also not one of the many they’re ambassadors for), it’s Fear of God (also known as FG).

BTS’s Suga at the airport.

The members rocked head-to-toe from the brand for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE promotions…

From left: V, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, and RM.

RM and Suga frequently wear clothes from Fear of God. You might recognize the iconic “FG” T-Shirt.

Suga (left) and model (right)

They even wore matching Fear of God shirts together! They actually have a lot of the same FG shirts but happened to wear the same one day.

RM (left) and Suga (right) | @BTS_twt/Twitter

If you’re not familiar with Fear of God, it’s an independent luxury streetwear brand by Jerry Lorenzo based out of Los Angeles, California. Like the late Virgil Abloh, he’s worked with Kanye West.

Additionally, Lorenzo designed some custom pieces for Justin Bieber to wear onstage for the Purpose World Tour.

Justin Bieber | WWD

While Lorenzo hasn’t designed pieces specifically for BTS to wear on tour or anything, ARMYs couldn’t help but wonder if he didn’t have them in mind with some of his latest releases. These pieces have the number “7” prominently on them.

We know that some BTS members probably already have a few of these designs. Could it be any more perfect for them?

One ARMY said they actually bought one of the “7” shirts. They even wore it to BTS’s concert at SoFi Stadium!

While this collection seems perfect for BTS, in reality, the “7” is technically not for the group, although we have come to associate the number with them just as much as the official BTS logo. It’s actually just symbolizing Fear of God’s seventh collection.

Two years in the making – the seventh collection rooted in easy elegance, our history and your reality; introduces suiting, knits and accessories to our audience for the first time.

— Fear of God

| Fear of God
| Fear of God

Still, we can’t deny that these “7” hoodies and T-Shirts wouldn’t be great quality and subtle BTS merchandise, whether “official” or not. They have already begun to sell out too, so it seems like we’re not the only ones thinking so.

| Fear of God
| Fear of God

We hope that it all can be official one day and BTS can be Fear of God brand ambassadors. Read more below:

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Source: Fear of God

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