Female Air Force Sergeant’s Looks Ranked By Fellow Officers During Her Sexual Abuse Psychiatric Treatment

Her family will be taking legal action against the Air Force.

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This article includes descriptions of sexual assault and suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

In light of the outrage regarding Sergeant A is another update about her tragic case. It was previously reported that Sergeant A, who was a female Air Force sergeant, had died by suicide after being sexually abused by a fellow Air Force officer. The Air Force fell under massive scrutiny when it was revealed that they had allegedly tried to cover up the case, rather than punish the assailant. As the news of this tragic case continues to make headlines, the Air Force has become the target of even more backlash due to recent developments.

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According to MBC News, not only was Sergeant A’s personal information leaked to the public, but her looks and appearance were heavily ranked by her fellow officers. Sergeant A had been receiving psychiatric treatment for the trauma she endured following the sexual abuse and while she was undergoing counseling, her personal information was leaked. Her name, her age, and her photos were leaked, which were then used by her fellow Air Force officers to rank her appearance and looks.

MBC News coverage about Sergeant A’s personal information leak | MBC News

Sergeant A’s family has filed a lawsuit against the Air Force for violating the Act on Special Cases of Sexual Violence. Not only did the Air Force neglect to take measures to protect the victim, but they failed to keep her personal information protected as well.

Upon further investigation, MBC News confirmed through an anonymous Officer A that Sergeant A’s personal information had in fact, been leaked within the Air Force, as well as into the general public. Officer A, who works in the Air Force legal office shared with MBC News that they had heard about Sergeant A’s sexual abuse from within the Air Force headquarters. They shared that Sergeant A’s name, her unit, the extent of her trauma, and her photos were spread through the Air Force headquarters, which were then leaked outside the Air Force walls.

MBC News talking to Officer A | MBC News

They talked about the victim and focused on her. Whether or not she was pretty, appearance evaluation, face evaluation…they kept saying it was ‘okay.’ It was a serious situation as these types of discussions kept happening.

— Officer A

Even following Sergeant A’s suicide death, it was reported that her appearance evaluations continued. According to MBC News, the details of her death, which she recorded onto her cellphone, began circulating amongst the Air Force as well.

When MBC News reached out to the Air Force to talk about Sergeant A and her personal information leak, they vehemently denied the accusations by stating that they were “completely unaware of the allegations and know nothing about them.” 

Air Force denying the allegations | MBC News
Source: theqoo and MBC News
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