Fifth Generation Male Idol’s Privacy Invaded As Restaurant Leaks CCTV Capture

A mistake or a serious breach?

Recently, a restaurant in Ulsan, South Korea, received severe criticism for violating the privacy of RIIZE member Wonbin.


The backlash came after a viral post on a community site pointed out that the establishment had posted an image captured of the idol through CCTV cameras on its official social media channel. Later, news reports came out describing the full incident, which only fueled netizens’ rage more.

It all started after a signature left by Wonbin in a restaurant in his hometown, Ulsan, became a hot topic online. The establishment verified that the autograph was indeed left by the idol himself and shared a message of support for RIIZE on its official social media platform.


After fans responded positively, the establishment went ahead with releasing a picture of Wonbin, which prompted the issue. The image was clearly captured through a CCTV camera where he could be seen signing the autograph. In the caption, they wrote that they would delete the picture if Wonbin or his companions raised any issue with it.

| Nate Pann

If this causes inconvenience to Wonbin or his companions, we will delete it promptly.

— The caption in the picture posted by the resturant

Though the post was deleted shortly after, the image quickly sparked concerns about Wonbin’s privacy being invaded. Many took to community sites to express their discomfort with the CCTV leak, criticizing the restaurant and the increasing trend of violating the privacy of public figures in general. However, some also pointed out that the story was not up for too long, much to the relief of fans.

Source: Nate Pann and Namu News