FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid” Producer Cooly Admits He Lied — Netizens Respond In Outrage

“Does he think this is a f@cking joke?”

The Givers CEO Ahn Sung Il, who is best known as the producer of FIFTY FIFTY‘s “Cupid,” responded to allegations that he lied about his education.

Ahn Sung Il | YNA

On July 25, Ahn Sung Il admitted to lying about graduating from Chung-Ang University.

I am aware that what is listed as my education is wrong. I apologize for the confusion, and I will correct it.

— Ahn Sung Il

Previously, the producer had cited the college as his alma mater on his profiles. Controversy struck when on July 24, it was revealed that the producer was not listed in the school’s alumni directory.

Netizens blasted the producer for his lie and his nonchalant response to being caught.

  • “There was a time when lying about your education was a big deal, and all he offers is a simple apology?”
  • “Is it all forgiven if he corrects it? I can’t believe the members are still trusting him and going forward with their lawsuit (against ATTRAKT).”
  • “I wonder if FIFTY FIFTY members are starting to see that something is really off about him.”
  • “Wow, how long can he go?”
  • “He even lied about his education?… What a lowlife.”
  • “Anyone who lies about their name, age, or education are fraudsters that you should cut off. Simple as that.”
  • “Does he think this is a f@cking joke? He replies by simply saying he will correct it?”
  • “He’s a lowlife. The audacity of this guy.”
  • “Is it too late? Why does it feel like the members still believe in this guy?

Meanwhile, the producer is also alleged to have lied about his professional experience. Read more about the allegations in the link below.

The Givers’ Ahn Sung Il Gets Exposed For Having Lied About His Resume


Source: joongang and theqoo