FIFTY FIFTY’s Label Accuses Outside Agency Of Attempting To Poach Group

“Those who try to die will live, and those who try to live will die…”

FIFTY FIFTY‘s label ATTRAKT revealed that an outside label is trying to poach the group from the agency.

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On June 23, ATTRAKT released a statement. In the statement, the label first thanked fans before revealing that the group hadn’t been as active due to a member’s medical issue.

We would like to thank fans, both domestic and abroad, who have tirelessly supported us during these past few months.

We are aware that many fans have been concerned that the group isn’t promoting during a critical time in their career. To be honest, one of the members had a medical issue, and after consulting with doctors and the member’s family, the member underwent surgery on May 2. As per the doctor’s recommendation of 1-2 months rest, we have given the members a time of rest because their health is most important.


ATTRAKT then revealed that during this time, the label had geared up for the group’s upcoming promotion, only to be undermined by another agency who had approached the members and asked they sign with them.

During this time, we expanded our system and made preparations to better support our artists. Rather than focus on short-term profits, we prioritized the artists’ long-term careers.

However, while we were making preparations, another label approached the artists and tried luring them into breaking their exclusive contracts. This outside party, through slanderous allegations toward us, has been luring the artists into making a mistake by ignoring their legal contracts and signing with them.


ATTRAKT then vowed to take legal action against the external party, stating that the violation of the group’s contract would set a dangerous precedent for current and future K-Pop acts.

These acts committed by the external party not only trample on fans’ innocent support for the group but can tarnish the image of a group that only debuted 7 months ago and can seriously harm K-Pop as an industry.

Although we are a small label, we have great hopes and have worked to accomplish the impossible against miraculous odds. We have written and are still writing history, and fans both, domestic and internationally, are supporting us. While it is difficult to hold back the anger over the illegal acts committed by the external party in order to rob the miracle created by a small, helpless label, we will respond boldly without emotion and will fight to the end to hold them legally responsible.


The label lastly ended its statement emphasizing its will to fight to protect the group and label.

Chung Mu Gong said Those who try to die will live, and those who try to live will die. We will keep these words close to our hearts and fight to protect our artists who have become treasured national figures and will work harder to facilitate their growth in order to repay the love given to us by fans.


Meanwhile, FIFTY FIFTY is regarded as one of K-Pop’s feel good-stories when the group’s single, “Cupid,” went viral globally. The group is currently signed to ATTRAKT and has a partnership with Warner Records.

Stay tuned for updates.


Source: Chosun Ilbo


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