FIFTY FIFTY’s Latest Court Hearing Sparks Fresh Wave Of Criticism

“I mean if they themselves want to throw away their careers, I won’t stop them, LOL.”

Netizens criticized FIFTY FIFTY after they refused to negotiate with ATTRAKT in mediation court.

Fifty Fifty

On August 16, it was reported that FIFTY FIFTY made it clear that they were not open to negotiation in mediation court and asked that the case be sent back to civil court.

According to an exclusive report from TV Daily, FIFTY FIFTY is refusing to negotiate and stated they would only meet with ATTRAKT if their contracts were terminated.

FIFTY FIFTY Members Refuse To Negotiate With ATTRAKT Following First Court Date

Previously, a judge sent the case to mediation court in hopes that the two sides would be able to compromise.

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A mediation court is different from a civil court in that the judge, rather than offering a ruling, serves as an arbitrator in a dispute. In mediation court, a judge recommends a compromise, but either side can refuse the decision, in which instance the case will head back to civil trial.

News of FIFTY FIFTY’s refusal to compromise has been met with a fresh wave of criticism.

  • “I mean if they themselves want to throw away their careers, I won’t stop them, LOL.”
  • “It seems their label was open to accepting the members back if negotiations went well… The members are shooting themselves in the foot.”
  • “They can’t go back because if they do, it would be like admitting they were wrong, LOL. They won’t ever go back. They are going to do whatever it takes to end their contract and try to promote themselves off the strength of their names.”
  • “You can promote overseas all you want. Just don’t come to Korea. Then again, even if they were to walk in front of me, I wouldn’t be able to recognize them.”
  • “Going back is their best option. If it was me,. I’d go back.”
  • “But seriously, do they have somebody getting their back? There has to be someone in their camp that knows going back is their best choice. Don’t you think someone on their side knows better? I feel like there is more to this story than we know. I’m so curious.”

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